“I have lived at The Terrace for the past 14 months. Everybody is friendly and nice here. It seems good not to worry about stairs and everyone is well cared for. My children found this place for me and I am very happy. I enjoy the food that is prepared for us here, as well as my spacious room. I feel that all my needs are met and I feel safe and secure.”

Margaret Crowley, Resident

“I have volunteered at the Terrace for the past ten years and have found the experience very rewarding. I look forward to the days that I am needed to lend a helping hand. The atmosphere is beautifully decorated and welcoming. The staff is caring, kind and professional. This is the perfect place to volunteer. Thank you for making a huge difference in the lives of the residents and their families.”

Janet Knowlton, Volunteer

“Although it seems like yesterday that I was being interviewed for my position here at The Terrace, I also feel like I’ve been in this family forever! I say ‘family’ because I have been employed here now for 10 years and honestly you will never find a place that makes you feel more like a family than the way everyone does here, including the OWNERS who are like your ‘favorite scoop of ice cream,’ they are truly a treat to work for!

Everyone here is treated with such warmth, respect, and kindness. I have to also mention the many rewards this job brings me…meeting new family members almost daily, and the many residents that have touched my life in so many ways by showing their gratitude and appreciation. There is no better feeling in the world to know you just put a smile on someone’s face or brightened their day. I will always enjoy listening to the resident’s memories and the life stories they have to tell. That in itself is truly a blessing.”

Cindy Brown, Administrative Assistant

“Caution- Don’t be fooled by the beautiful village-type setting found inside the building because The Terrace is that and much more. The ice cream shop looks like a real ice cream shop serving ice cream in an early 20th century atmosphere. It also is the setting for group activities—card sharks have been seen there. The beauty shop looks like a beauty shop and provides make-overs. Nails and hair are rejuvenated. The dining room looks like a dining room with small tables providing an intimate setting for leisurely meals. The parlor/living room is a comfortable room featuring a piano, a library and cushioned sofas. There the residents enjoy informative talks, choral and instrumental performances, as well as religious services.

Many of The Terrace residents look forward to Men and Women’s Night Out for shopping and dining. The Terrace is a ‘spa’ for residents and does not look like a hospital or sterile institution of any kind. It’s pleasing to the eye! Families are encouraged to visit and participate in activities such as the annual Monarch Butterfly Release. On holidays, celebrations are held and families are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The monthly newsletter provides tidbits about past and future events. The Terrace is very family oriented.

“What also sets it apart from other assisted living facilities is the staff. They work to provide the best possible care and work for the well-being of their clients. Everyone is on a first name basis. You can’t find better care givers. Check it out…you will be pleased.”

Len Defrancesco, Resident Family Member

“Mom has been at The Terrace since May 2008. Living there allows her independence, if she wishes, or help with activities such as bathing, dressing, and taking her medications. Having three meals a day prepared for her is a special treat, since it was getting difficult for her to fix her own meals at her previous apartment.

She participates in most of the social activities from daily exercise time to sing-alongs, music recitals and ice cream parlor time or movies in the Community Room. She has her hair done twice a week and sometimes her nails done from visiting young people from the local BOCES school. When she wants to be alone, she retires to her room to watch TV or call her family and chat on the phone.

It gives us peace of mind to know that she is happy and well taken care of. Most of all, we know she has the company of many friendly people her own age, and a special caring staff of aides and nurses.”

Marge Shanahan, Resident Family Member

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