outdoor areaWhen searching for the best in Assisted Living in Vienna, know that truly the best in assisted living can be found right here at The Terrace at Newark.

We have been providing the best in senior living for years. Our dedicated and talented staff provides care, supervision and planned daily activities that stimulate the mind, body and soul.

We provide assistance with the tasks of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care. We also offer feeding assistance for those that may require it.

Our nursing assistants are all certified by New York State and participate in on-going educational classes to always provide the dignified care with proper technique as well as protocol. Does Assisted Living in Vienna offer ongoing education to their staff?

Professional Assisted Living in Vienna, New York

Our assisted living is more supportive than any Assisted Living in Vienna because our staff truly cares about our residents.

We offer daily planned activities that offer inspiration as well as stimulation. Through the use of music, movies, exercise, games, art, crafts and celebrations we provide an atmosphere of specifically designed events that the residents all desire to participate in. They enjoy the lifestyle that they have here at The Terrace at Newark.

Does Assisted Living in Vienna serve delicious as well as nutritious chef inspired cuisine? We provide mouthwatering meals that are prepared fresh daily using the finest of ingredients. Each meal is served by wait staff in our restaurant style dining room. Naturally, there are always alternate choices for each meal. All meals are prepared specific to each resident’s dietary needs.

As you enter the property of The Terrace at Newark you will see our expansive front porch. This is where our residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during the seasonal months. There are rolling hills, open meadows, walking paths and spectacular vistas. We are conveniently located in Newark, New York just a mile from the Erie Canal.

Find Assisted Living Services Near Vienna, New York

Before you sign anything at any facility for Assisted Living in Vienna, please come to The Terrace at Newark and see all we have to offer your loved one. We take pride in our social and medical abilities that offer our residents a comfortable and healthy lifestyle with dignity.

Call our knowledgeable representative at 315 331-5282 and inquire about our room availability, insurance participation and to schedule to come and take a tour.  Come and see our expansive front porch, grassy knolls and beautiful vistas. Visit our 1950’s style ice cream parlor, our beauty salon, the lounge area for family and friends to gather.

See our living room with its huge flat screen TV and our game lounge complete with pool table.

Look, this is a difficult decision and a daunting one at that. We want to help make the transition from private home to a senior home easier and more transparent. We look forward to meeting you and providing your loved one with a healthy lifestyle with dignity. Call us today by dialing directly to our offices at 315 331-5282.

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Please call today and schedule to come and take a tour. We want you to make an informed decision regarding the care and comfort of your loved one. After all, that is what The Terrace at Newark is all about.

We are family owned and operated… so that our focus has always been and will continue to be “Family first and the rest will follow”. We know that the better we treat our staff, the better our staff will treat our residents. All staff is directed by a set of thoughtful policy guidelines that are fair, consistent and serve to develop an exceptional ALP & workforce team!

Ready to join our community?

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