outdoor areaTrying to find the best in Assisted Living in Rome can soon become a daunting task unless you know about The Terrace at Newark. Sure, it may not be located in Rome, but we do have the best in senior assisted living, care and supervision.

Assisted Living in Rome cannot compare to the dedicated and compassionate care your loved one will receive while residing at The Terrace at Newark. We have daily planned programs that will inspire their mind, body and soul.

Daily activities such as games, music, celebrations, exercise, movies and so much more. We even have outdoor space where our residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as well as try their hand at gardening with our veggie garden seasonally.

Assisted Living Services in Rome

We are centrally located in Newark, New York which is just a mile away from the famous Erie Canal. We are situated on 25 beautiful acres of rolling hills, meadows and vistas.

Each of our residents have private spacious and light filled rooms that can be personalized with comforter, furniture, favorite rocker or easy chair/recliner, photos and artwork. Not too sure about any programs for Assisted Living in Rome, but here at The Terrace at Newark we have wonderful, certified nursing assistants that assist with the tasks of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care for all those that require assistance.

Our nursing assistants assist with the dignity and respect that each resident deserves. Our stellar team of nurses not only provide medication, treatments and supervision, but they also become resident advocates and provide communication as well as becoming confidants.

We have a special home here in Newark, New York with a homelike atmosphere in a clinical environment. We have a wonderful 1950’s style ice cream parlor that everyone enjoys, a game room complete with pool table, a place for card games, a beautiful restaurant style dining room where delicious as well as nutritious meals are served daily.

When searching for Assisted Living in Rome, keep in mind that everything your loved one needs to enjoy life to their fullest can be found right here at The Terrace at Newark. We also provide care for those seniors with a diagnosis of memory loss. We have a wonderful closed and safe area where we have designed a “neighborhood” where residents enjoy a feeling of home as well as community. You must come and take a tour to see all we have to offer.

Find Assisted Living Near Rome, New York

For more general information you may refer to our offered services or, call us at 315 331-5282 and speak with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable representatives. They can answer any questions you may have regarding room availability or insurance participation. You may also schedule to come and take a tour to see all we have to offer. After all, we have so much more than any Assisted Living in Rome.

In fact, we are just what you have been searching for. Call us today to schedule your tour!

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Please call today and schedule to come and take a tour. We want you to make an informed decision regarding the care and comfort of your loved one. After all, that is what The Terrace at Newark is all about.

We are family owned and operated… so that our focus has always been and will continue to be “Family first and the rest will follow”. We know that the better we treat our staff, the better our staff will treat our residents. All staff is directed by a set of thoughtful policy guidelines that are fair, consistent and serve to develop an exceptional ALP & workforce team!

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